Our Story

Parragon was established by a small team of creatives, designers, minimalists, and coffee addicts. We consider ourselves forward-thinkers and innovators. As did many great and inspiring men and women before us, we believe that simplicity is the key to life. Less is more, and to keep it simple is to be efficient. Never has this been more true in modern times. In the digital age, every second counts.

We believe innovation propels society forwards. As new technologies are developed and refined to further push the boundaries on what we believe is possible, it has a ripple effect on the entire world. Success inspires success.

We were founded with the core vision and belief that the greatest technologies and thinkers in the world inspire greatness. Inspire change.

So we chose to disrupt the urban fashion industry, more specifically the stagnating wallet industry.

Like you, we live busy lives. So we built our wallet based on two core principles: simplicity & security. We chose to share our passion for minimalist design and simplicity to challenge the norm. We embraced the simple technology found in some of the greatest creations known to man. We blended impeccable design with forward-thinking materials.

The Result: Our Parragon Smart Wallet.

Join us in simplicity, and embrace the freedom it brings.